Beautiful Black Woman



She walks upon God’s given Earth with a majestic & graceful flair, she walks upon it with confidence and nonchalance, with the firm knowledge that she has given birth to all who share the world with her.  Her influence on humanity is simply immeasurable, her contribution towards countless civilizations throughout history is beyond estimate, her mere presence is beyond value.  Her beauty, soul & spirit bring forth an ever beaming light to a world which is often dark & sombre, her Blackness shines upon the lands, radiating into the souls of its inhabitants.  She is strong, she is angelic and she is born of divinity.  She is the BLACK WOMAN.

The black woman possesses some of the most impressive qualities seen in human beings.  Her physical form is unique & entrancing; her beauty shines through an array of rays, all unique & hypnotic.  The desert lands of the Sahara, tropical landscapes of Central Africa and savanna planes of Southern Africa all tinge her with their own special blend of Blackness.  She’s richly dark, caramel brown, coffee brown; light bronze, umber brown and more, her Blackness stretches towards the borders of infinity.

Her true beauty is reflected not so much in her curves as it is from her heart. When looking through her eyes to her heart one realizes that her beauty is sourced from deep within, her outwardly self is a reflection of her inner splendor, an elegance surpassed by none other.  Her mind; adorned in dreadlocks, afro’s or weaves and a multitude of distinctly pleasing dressings; showers us with a fountain of insight, knowledge and guidance.  Her dense lips utter words of encouragement, wisdom & enlightenment.  Her words help eclipse the hatred & acrimony which is all too often present in the hearts of black men; her words provide warmth to our spirit, which is often turned cold by the harshness of the World’s treatment towards us.

Her curvaceous hips & legs keep her walking with vigour and resilience, her knees are continually brought to the ground, wearing out her pride; yet without reservation or shedding a tear she continues to rise, walk and fulfill her duty to the world and her children.  Her delicacy is remarkable, it provides us with a base for reflection; helping us to endeavor to pursue our dreams, she not only understands her sacrifice, she knows how to sacrifice herself.  Her beauty serves as a beam of illuminating light; for that I’m eternally grateful to her.

Queen of Africa, Princess of Azania, guardian of our people & custodian to our vast dynasties; we thank you for all you do, we’re grateful for the wisdom, strength & love you grace us with.  From the moist banks of the Nile River right down to the southern most Cape point; your power resonates & reverberates within our hearts & souls.  Continue to stand tall, fierce & proud, rebuke those who seek to impair your worth as a proud, dignified Black woman; you’re a beacon of hope for humanity.  Your true beauty is reflected by your soul, let it shine for all to see and admire, let it radiate afar, let them all witness the artistry that is your creation; your spirit rightfully rests atop the World.  You are saintly, you are celestial, you are distinguished, you are virtuous, you are adored & you are exalted; you are all this because you are a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN.



My dedication to all black women in the world…

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