Aurelia Nxumalo – May 2015



 Hi Aurelia, thank you so much for your time. What’s considered a good day in Aurelia’s life?

1. Hello, thank you for having me. Well a good day in Aurelia’s life is managing to complete all my tasks on my ‘to do list”. Sounds simple, right? Until your “to do list” is combined with all the million things you have in your basket. So I have a “to do list” from about 5 separate “hustles”, for a lack of a better word. I strive on pressure and also have a strong belief that I will not be a millionaire or billionaire just on one source of income.

  1. You look good all the time, what’s your secret?

Simply put, “dressing well is a form of good manners”. Besides loving fashion, so I could be a mild shopaholic. But I believe in looking after yourself and your image. People look or see you first before you speak, you are judged on how you look at first before you even have an opportunity to have your say, so why not make people interested in what you have to say. Always take care of your body and mind; they all play a role in who you are as well as how you project yourself.

  1. Are you a gym freak?

Hahahaha, to be honest, I am a gym freak in my head, I haven’t really been able to struck a proper balance between all that I am doing and exercising. I do the odd exercise but once I have settled in the new job then I will start the journey to a healthier me. I used to be a hectic athlete in High School but with growing up that has fallen away. But I will be back at it, summer bodies are made in winter after all.

  1. What professional industry are you in?

Professionally, I am in the Legal industry. Just last year, I attained my Bachelor of Laws degree and now just started a new job at Multichoice in the legal department while studying and attending night school for professional legal training towards my Attorney Admission exams.

The position I am currently in at Multichoice, is an unconventional move in terms of the norm once you have attained your law degree but I have never seen myself as court room type lawyer but rather I have preferred being in the legal department of a company and luckily things have also aligned with that preference. It’s a perfect place for me to work my way up, as my interest in the legal field, lies in Media and Entertainment law and Intellectual Property Law. I see God aligning my moves and right now I am where I am meant to be.


  1. What’s the last thing Aurelia does before she sleeps?

I have recently started thinking about what I am grateful for and thanking God for what I am blessed with on a daily basis.

  1. How do you handle conflict?

For a very long time, I have avoided conflict in that I quickly pull away should a conflicting situation arise. But you can only do that for so long, until you become a walkover. So now I have learnt that you deal with the personal directly as opposed to going to speak about it to another person and avoid the issue escalating to something bigger than it is. I let go of things very easily and quickly. I have found that habouring hate or having a grudge only troubles me more than anything therefore I move past conflict very quickly and life goes on.

  1. Is there anyone special in your life?

Yes there is, very fresh and loving every moment with him so much that I see him daily.

  1. Do you have an everyday skincare regime?

Yes, I use Eucerin – Cleanser and Toner daily.

  1. Who is the one person you would take a bullet for?

My grandmother.

  1. What’s the one thing people don’t know about Aurelia?

I am very self conscious, I would have never known or been aware of that before my special person brought it to my attention. So its something I want to work. I also tend take on people’s problems regardless of what I ma y be going through at the time that is just something I can’t help. I

  1. We strongly believe in empowerment and development for women,do you share the sentiments?

Absolutely!!! In fact, I have an NPO with my partners were our projects will be focused on empowering young women. I feel, there is a rise of the “bad b*tch “ and not enough women of substance which is some thing we are constantly fed from the media and social media. A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. I aspire to be an “influential” woman. If you must be a “bad b*tch, be one of substance. Set your goals, educate yourself and work towards attaining those goals.

  1. What’s your take on the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa?

Its heart-breaking. I am a humanitarian at heart and in action. I believe in the spirit of Ubuntu and I think as South Africans we have lost the plot. Its easy to point fingers and blame somebody for the start of these attacks but we must also be able to take responsibility for our actions. I am not a proud South African right now and I can’t even begin to fathom how and what would possess another human being to treat another so inhumanely.

  1. Do you think this will have an effect on South Africa’s economy?

Definitely. It has now become and international issue. Already the rand is weak and if there is only negativity in South Africa we are unlikely to attract any investments.

  1. What’s the one thing you would do to change the world?

I would go back to basics, create a way in which you remind people of Ubuntu. Be infectious in your actions and create a domino affect. It starts with you and in you before you can act towards changing the world. Changing mindsets and perspective.

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